The Inventor

Kevin McQuillan

Kevin McQuillan is a bushy and farmer from Tully, far North Queensland. The journey to BBQ maker from farmer has been a long and interesting one full of ups and downs and all arounds.

His youth was spent between Tully, his uncle’s station outside of Chillagoe and at a small agricultural college.  Life on the station had a huge effect on Kevin. His great uncle lived a completely old school sort of life, only the basics, pack horses, salted beef, tea leaf and days on end chasing cattle through the bush. Life was hard but there was a beauty and simplicity to it that left its mark on Kevin, as it has on so many people. His uncle and the bush folk he worked with cooked over fires during the weeks spent in the mustering camps. Baths were in cold creeks. Branding irons heated over wood fuelled fires.

Fast forward many years and Kevin has built his own cattle property in Jarra Creek, just outside Tully. A beautiful place for fattening beasts on rich river soil. He farmed bananas and cane there for 20 some years before setting the place up for the cattle. Kevin continued to go bush whenever he could, helping his uncle or others muster and run cattle properties. At the farm he and his wife raised a family. 

The BBQ idea came to him from all of the years of going bush and camping. He wanted to create something that would make life at camp easier and that would also be the perfect at home entertainer.

The Saviour BBQ epitomises the Australian way of life – simple, strong and versatile. It can go anywhere and do so much. Solid enough to be taken bush and cook up a feed for a mob of hungry jackaroos and jillaroos.  Powerful enough to heat up branding irons.  Cleverly designed enough to be the ‘verandah barbie’ cooking up 8 chops, or a stir fry in the traditional wok, making the perfect Sunday roast, or boiling up a delicious feed of mud crab in no time with the 20LT lid/pot. It has a smoker as well that uses wood chips and will transform any piece of fish or meat into a delectable treat.

This BBQ has more functions than any other on the market, it is constructed to last a lifetime. The thought and creativity that has gone into this Aussie invention is remarkable. Even the BBQ plate is uniquely designed to be able to cook unlike any other with its raised lip that allows for cooking sauces or even poaching eggs.  Take a look at all of the features and you will understand how desirable the Saviour is. 

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