Why choose a Saviour BBQ?

The Saviour was created as a standalone, all-purpose grill that combines a variety of functions. Inspired by his childhood spent in the bush and mustering camps with only a campfire, designer and founder Kevin McQuillan invented a streamlined, stainless steel BBQ that allows backyard chefs to use it for almost any type of cooking, from grilling, roasting and smoking meat or fish, to pizza-making, baking, boiling and stir-fry.
All components, including cast-iron grill plate, pizza stone, custom BBQ plate with upturned edges, steaming rack and traditional wok, can be easily reconfigured and packed into itself for storage and transport. To top it off, reverse the lid for a 20-liter pot for cooking mud crabs or prawns, or use as a wash-up sink.
The Saviour BBQ has more built in features and accessories than almost any other BBQ.  All of these features and accessories pack into the BBQ or are built into it.

Multi Function

the options are almost endless!

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