Frequently Asked Questions

The Saviour is super easy to clean. To do a really good deep clean undo the pins to remove the burner. Use oven cleaner and spray the bbq (all the metal parts that need cleaning). Let it sit according to the time directions on the cleaning product. Then simply hose and wipe down. You can also just give it a wipe down with a soapy rag. 

This is not like other BBQs it is very high powered, this makes it more versatile but just takes a little getting used to. It will heat faster and get hotter than anything you are used to. Basically just turn it down. Especially for slow cooking, roasts or any larger cuts of meat or baked goods. Also we have found it works well to leave the lid open just a very small amount ie a centimetre or two, and if it still seems too hot just open it a little more. You can tighten the pin at the back of the lid to keep it propped open. Use the viewing holes on the front of the BBQ to get the flame as low as possible without it going out. Start from there and you can always adjust it and turn it up a little if needed. Once you get the hang of it you will love how well the BBQ cooks a roast. 

Yes, yes you absolutely can. We have used it on many occasion when camping or when the power has gone out. Just remember how powerful the BBQ is with regards to temperature. We have found the best setup for baking is to insert the grill plate, then put the roasting rack on this and then place your baking dish on the rack. Close the lid leaving a tiny gap and voila you will have a beautiful cake. 

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