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Saviour BBQ

A superior gas burner, capable of generating high temperatures very rapidly, accommodates all requirements, from boiling a kettle to heating a branding iron.

The reversible lid of approx. 20 litre capacity is available for boiling large shellfish, making stews & curries, washing-up or even plucking poultry.


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Our multi function BBQ is the only one on the market that:

  • is a pizza oven and comes with a pizza stone.
  • has a smoker with an insert and racks for use with wood chips/shavings.
  • plate and utensils holder.
  • BBQ light.
  • has a specially designed wok and high powered burner to utilise the wok properly for quick healthy cooking.
  • specially designed cast iron bbq plate with raised edges that allows you to cook things like tomatoes and not lose all of the juices.
  • comes with a cast iron grill plate.
  • has a steamer insert.
  • comes with a ┬áreversible lid that becomes a 20LT cooking pot perfect for cooking up mud crabs or making sauces and jams in.
  • all fits and packs back into itself.
  • is easily moved around with heavy duty wheels.
  • is made from high grade stainless steel.
  • has a unique high powered burner and patented design that creates higher heat than other BBQs.

Additional information

Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 62 × 60 × 67 cm

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